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It's a Dog's Life Download
It's a Dog's Life Download



It's a Dog's Life Curriculum $60
Sometimes it feels like we are living in a "dog eat dog" world. Our relationships tend to be more like dog fights than loyal friendships. In this unit, children will explore 1 Corinthians 13 and how to be the kind of friend that Christ intends for us to be.

The lessons contain drama, puppets (optional), interactive Bible stories, fun applications, games, crafts, snack ideas, Bible memory activities and parent take home pages. A PowerPoint presentation is provided to complement each lesson.

The lessons are written in such a way that a teacher can pick and choose activities based on the length and structure of the class. Format: Download
Lessons Include:
1. Put a Muzzle On: When friends are hard to take, give them a break. (Great Dane)
2. Fetch: When a friend is in need, do a good deed. (Golden Retriever)
3. What's Under The Fur: When envy does simmer, love grows dimmer. (Bedlington Terrier)
4. No Bragging Rights- Do not be proud and brag out loud. (Shih Tzu)
5. Don't Get Nippy- When in a bad mood, don't be rude. (Chihuahua)
6. Fill The Water Bowl-Don't do the worst, put others first. (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
7. Keep A Leash On- When anger simmers, keep your temper. (Dalmation)
8. Grooming For Life: The way to live is to always forgive. (Poodle)
9. Use The Manual: Shine your light, stand up for what is right. (Siberian Husky)
10. On Your Guard: Defend your friend. (German Shepherd)
11. Stay On The Trail: Believe the best and give God the rest. (Bloodhound)
12. Search and Rescue- On you people rely, so keep giving another try. (St. Bernard)

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