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Heaven's Kitchen Jr Download
Heaven's Kitchen Jr Download



Heaven's Kitchen Jr Download $40

Cook up some fun with Heaven’s Kitchen exploring parables that Jesus told. Through the use of a cooking theme, preschoolers will learn how Jesus used ordinary ingredients like soil and seeds, salt, yeast, wheat and fruit to teach us about everyday living here on earth. Whether making a play dough food creation, participating in the telling of a parable, tasting the ingredient of the day, or investigating with a Kitchen Science experiment, preschoolers will not only learn what the parables mean but also how to apply them to their own lives.

Family resource
filled with activities that families can do together to reinforce what their kids learned at church. The resource contains five chapters that correspond with the lessons in the Heaven’s Kitchen curriculum. Activities include the parable, main point and Bible memory verse from the lesson, dialogue questions, family outing ideas, cooking recipes, craft projects, kitchen science experiments and dramatic fun. Purchase of the curriculum entitles each family served by your church to receive a FREE download of the resource. A special code will be included in the curriculum which will be used on the River’s Edge website to download the resource.
Resource can be printed or viewed on an e-reader, such as an iPad.
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Each lesson contains:

Prep: Getting ready
-What Is Not Like the Other?
-Guess That Food
-Chef Emerald and His apprentice, Chowdown (drama)
-The Ingredient
-Taste Test

Cooking Time: Learning
-The Parable
-Circle Time

Serving It Up: Reviewing and applying
-Kitchen Science
Bible Memory Finger Play
-Dramatic Play
-Play Dough Cooking

-Activity Sheet

Each lesson is written in a way in which the teacher can pick and choose activities that work best for the

Lessons Include:
1. Soil and Seeds: Listen and Learn (Parable of the Sower)

2. Yeast: Grow Your Faith (Parable of the Leaven)

3. Salt: Be Tasty (Parable of the Salt)

4. Wheat: It’s Not About Me (Parable of the Wheat)

5. Fruit: Don’t Make Junk (The Parable of a Tree and Its Fruit)