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Dienna Goscha, author of River's Edge Curriculum, is passionate about helping women find their worth in Jesus and in doing so, pass that onto their children. Dienna would love to come to your MOPS group or other women’s event and share what she have learned through her eclectic life experiences.

What can you expect? An hour-long inspiring talk with realistic ideas for your family and your personal life. Depending on the topic, you may be joining Dienna in learning fun experiments to try with your preschoolers. Or you may be hearing about fantastic classic character books and how to tie them to spiritual concepts with fun activities to keep your preschooler busy. Perhaps you will hear a story or two that will capture your heart and will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone or to catch a dream and watch it blossom into reality. Whatever the topic, you will walk away with creative ideas and thoughts that make the art and science of being a mom easier.


The Art of Getting to the Heart of a Child
Do you find it hard to make sense out of how to teach your child about spiritual concepts? Deuteronomy carries the secret to getting to the heart of a child. Learn practical and creative ways to impress spiritual truth on your child’s heart. Discover how to put into practice Deuteronomy 6:4-9 in your own home with your child.

Raising Generous Kids
Today's kids live in a "give it to me now" culture. How can you raise kids that are generous when messages around them speak otherwise? Learn practical ways to instill in your kids a spirit of generosity and gratitude.

How Do I Love God With All My Heart When I’m Always in the Kitchen?
Moms struggle with loving God with all their heart when they can’t seem to even get out of the kitchen much less deep into His word. Learn tried and true methods of drawing closer to Jesus even in the midst of diapers, dishes and dirt. Be inspired and encouraged to move out of mayhem and into a joy filled heart.

Apples to Apples
Moms are notorious for comparing themselves to one another. Not only is this self-defeating, but it denies the wonderful way God created each woman. Come away encouraged to step into your God-given role of mom with confidence.

Dr. Seuss and the Bible
Classic literature books are a great way to impart spiritual truth to your child. Learn how to weave spiritual conversations into the reading of classics such as The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Corduroy, Where the Wild Things Are and many more. Each mom will go home with practical, low-cost ideas for their preschoolers.

It’s Not Rocket Science
Are you the type of mom that thinks teaching spiritual concepts to your child takes a rocket science degree? Anyone with a heart for Jesus can easily impart spiritual gems throughout the day to their child. Learn great object lessons from simple outdoor or kitchen science experiments that will captivate your child. Each mom will go home with a baggie full of goodies to try with her preschooler.

Creating Meaningful Experiences During the Holidays
Simple and inexpensive ideas will be presented that will keep important celebrations such as Christmas and Easter centered on Jesus. Be intentional during the holidays and boldly make sure that Jesus does not get lost in the chaos of the season.

Other topics are available on request. Dienna is also a certified Strengths Finder Coach and does presentations on strengths and how to use these in the home, work place and relationships.