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The choice is yours. Each month is an individual theme that fits into the big theme as a whole. Same Christ-centered teaching and experiential learning you have come to trust with River’s Edge.

Imagination Factory is a place where kids learn about Jesus by investigating His names. Not only will kids discover Jesus’ names but will also come to an understanding of the meaning and how it applies to their own lives. Kids will walk away with a deeper understanding of who Jesus is, what He came to do and the relationship He offers them.

Inside the factory, there are four different “rooms” where kids will use their imagination as they learn: The Lab, The Gallery, Building Zone and The Junkyard. (Each quarter takes places in one of the rooms.) Each quarter will be divided into three different units or topics that fit under the quarter’s theme.

Each lesson in Imagination Factory includes a countdown with all the names of Jesus listed so the kids will become accustomed to the names. Also included are Trading Cards that can be printed with each name, a symbol and verse on them so kids can collect them each week and use as a way to review the names. The lessons include powerpoint and a family take home paper.

>>Individual Months: $40
>>Quarter One: The Lab for $99
>>Quarter Two: The Gallery for $99
>>Quarter Three: Building Zone for $99
>>Quarter Four: Junkyard for $99
>>The Entire Year for $349