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Family Christmas Devotional Bag

Equip parents by providing each family a bag of short devotionals to do together during the Christmas season. Each bag contains seven wrapped packages with each one containing a short devotional, an activity and a simple object.

Supplies Needed: wrapping paper (or small white bags), tape, white lunch bag, glow in the dark stars (stickers will work), nails (square heads), twine, tea lite candles, clothespins, magic pads (erasers will work), blank tickets (carnival), rubber bands (Christmas colors are great), stickers with numbers 1-7, copies of devotional cards

Wrap each item listed below with the corresponding devotional card:

Magic pad- Luke 2:11
Two nails and twine- Romans 6:23
Tickets- Matthew 1:23
Glow in dark stars- Psalm 19:1
Candle- John 8:12
Rubberband- John 13:34
Clothespin- Philippians 2:14

Tie the top of the package with a ribbon. Cut out the instruction card, punch a hole in the side and attach to the ribbon.

>>Click Here to Download Devotional Cards